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Made some progress, finally!

This is a short post with a simple mission - to inform all (three) of you of my success in completing Project 3: LED Lighting.

Following on from what I learned last week, I have indeed discovered that I'm able to run at least five 10-watt bulbs without expending my maximum current.

Setting the power supply to exactly 12.0 volts results in a current draw of 4.04 amps. This suggests to me that I can probably add a sixth (or maybe even seventh) bulb before it's too much - but I only have five bulb holders, so that particular experiment will need to wait.

As you might imagine, they're not as bright as the 50-watt bulbs, but the ability to spread multiple bulbs across a wider area may be of some benefit. Like I mentioned before, it's a case balancing your requirements, and using the correct tool for the job.

The only other thing to mention is the fact that I managed to blow the first three bulbs I hooked up. Impressed with my ability to command more than one bulb at a time, I set about adjusting the voltage on my power supply, but I must have turned it too high as one moment I was bathed in light, and the next sunk into darkness.

I would like to try hooking them up in series to see if that makes any difference, but for now, I'm happy with this outcome.

Daniel Hollands

Daniel Hollands

Daniel is learning how to survive an undead rising (and along with maker and electronics skills) by working through The Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. These are his adventures.

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