My Current Progress

The book has 20 projects split across 11 chapters, and I fully intend on completing them all, but not necessarily in the order presented.

There may be many different reasons why I'd choose to tackle them out of order, such as financial restraints, the amount of time available to me, or simply being more interested in one project over another. Who knows?

In any case, this is why it is important I keep track of which projects I have completed because I'm exactly the sort of person that will forget what I've done.

Any projects which I've at least made a start on will feature links to their tag within the blog, and any which I consider complete will be marked with a tick (✔).

Chapter 1: Apocalypse Basics

  • No projects in this chapter

Chapter 2: Generating Electricity

Chapter 3: Using Electricity

Chapter 4: Zombie Alarms

Chapter 5: Surveillance and Raspberry Pi

Chapter 6: Add Remote Access and Detect Open Doors

  • Project 9: Remote Door Lock
  • Project 10: Door Sensor

Chapter 7: Environment Monitoring

  • Project 11: Quiet Fire Alarm
  • Project 12: Temperature Alarm

Chapter 8: Building a Control Center for Your Base

  • Project 13: A Raspberry Pi Control Center
  • Project 14: Going Wireless with Bluetooth

Chapter 9: Zombie Distractors

  • Project 15: Arduino Flash Distractor
  • Project 16: Arduino Movement and Sound Distractor

Chapter 10: Communicating with Other Survivors

  • Project 17: A Raspberry Pi Radio Transmitter Beacon
  • Project 18: Arduino FM Radio Frequency Hopper
  • Project 19: Arduino Morse Code Beacon

Chapter 11: Haptic Communication

  • Project 20: Silent Haptic Communication with Arduino