Project Objective

Ostensibly this blog exists to track my progress in reading the Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse while providing a location for me to publish my musings as I work through building the projects contained within it.

But the deeper purpose of this project is for me to learn how to become a Maker, specifically, learning the skills and techniques needed to produce physical items in the real world.

My background is in Web development, something which started as a hobby in my bedroom in the late 90s, but has since developed into my career, having done it professionally for close to 10 years now.

I have skill in writing software, server configuration, and project management (and everything in between), but I'm not in any way "handy", having not physically built anything myself since I was a teenager.

But as I'm now in my late 30s, I figured it was about time I was due a mid-life crisis, and as my previous hobby of the Web is now my nine-to-five, I needed something new, and becoming a Maker is that something.

The term "Maker" is quite broad and covers a wide range of disciplines, but the areas I'm most interested in revolve around that of digital interactivity and the Internet of Things (IoT). Specifically, this means using technology such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino in projects so I can gain a greater understanding of them, and everything which relates to them such as electronics.

So, my current objective is to complete all the projects contained within the book, but I also have a standing order of developing my knowledge in all of the above and having fun while doing so.